Dragon Ball Super- The Powerful Universe 11 and Gohan’s Ultimate Form

I have got a whole lot of exciting updates for you all. Names of all 12 Gods of Destruction has been revealed, we got hints that Gohan will unlock his potential, and some fighter has been confirmed to be from u11, and their team is looking crazy powerful.


Before anything else, let’s take a look at the Universe 11 team. Recently, this fighter has been confirmed to be from U11. His name is Toppo.

Character Description-  Leader of the hero team “Pride Troopers”, guardians of peace in Universe 11. A hot-blooded and gigantic warrior of Justice. He’s so strong that he is even scouted as a candidate for the next God of Destruction.

So, this is a huge reveal as this will be helping us to identify a lot of fighters of the U11. Because Toppo is the leader of U11 peace team, and we have seen some other fighters wearing this same uniform, meaning they are also fighting for Universe 11.

 : Dragon Ball Super- The Powerful Universe 11 and Gohan's Ultimate Form
Dragon Ball Super- The Powerful Universe 11 and Gohan’s Ultimate Form

This includes this red-white Jaco look alike fighter who is very prominent in the trailer and is seen fighting Goku; in a matter of fact, he is shown to be able to go toe to toe vs Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Undoubtedly he will be a major rival of Goku, and many fans are speculating that he might be the one who plays a part like Hitman Hit did in the previous tournament. Also, there’s a theory going on that he is the black hooded mysterious guy standing besides the Clown God of Destruction; based on some similarities in skin tone, nose, mouth, hand gloves… ( In Dragon Ball Super Episode 79, it has been revealed that Toppo is the black hooded guy, contrary to the earlier given hints )


So, we have one of the important fighters in the entire tournament, the jaco buffed warrior in U11. You would think he would be the strongest of the team, or he would be the leader himself; but the latest reveal hints to a possibility that Toppo might be even stronger than him. As he is the leader of the team and is also considered as a candidate to be the next God of Destruction.


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