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MANILA, Philippines  –  Explaining his 5-day hiatus last week, President Rodrigo told reporters on Saturday he had to go on a secret trip somewhere, but refused to divulged his destination.

Duterte made his first public appearance on Saturday in Butuan City after disappearing from the public eye since Sunday, June 11. He failed to attend the Independence Day rites on June 12; fueling speculations about his health condition.

But Duterte said he went to visit a place as an ordinary citizen and the trip lasted for two days.

“I went on a trip somewhere. I cannot divulge it. I have to go there incognito. That’s the truth,” Duterte said.

“I traveled like a private citizen so I can go to that place,” the president added.

Duterte also debunked rumors about his alleged failing health, which was supposedly the primary reason why he had to go on a short unexplained vacation.

“Sa kama lang naman ako, kayo naman, Coma? Kama,” the President said. “Kung coma ako, ‘di ako nandito para (expletives),” Duterte said.

[I was just in bed. Coma, no! Bed. If I were in coma I wouldn’t be here cursing.]

He also urged his critics to ‘use’ Vice President Robredo if in case something happens to him in the future.

“Kapag ‘di pa gani ninyo ako makita ng limang araw, eh patay na ‘yan, so use your Robredo. Anong problema ninyo? Kung hindi ako lumabas, in coma or whatever the speculation is, then if it’s about a month, sabihin mo na, “O, time for change.”

[If you didn’t see me in 5 days, I’m dead, so use your Robredo, What’s the problem there? If I don’t reappear, in coma or whatever the speculation is, then it’s about a month, then say ‘It’s time for change’.]

Article originally posted: June 18, 2017, 3:28 pm (UTC-0). Last update: June 18, 2017 at 3:28 pm (UTC-0).

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