Look! 511 surfers form a circle off Huntington Pier for a world record largest paddle out – Ang Kwan

Image by Laylan Connelly Perino via Facebook

Huntington Beach, California  –   Southern California surfers are stoked after setting a Guinness World Record for largest surf paddle-out.

It took 511 surfers, to be exact, to claim the Guinness world record for largest paddle-out as they formed the Surfing Circle of Honor. Guinness adjudicator Jimmy Coggins was on hand to monitor the record on International Surfing Day.

It took about two hours for the surfers to paddle past the breakers into smoother water where they could form the circle.

This activity of the surfers was intended to show support for the inclusion of surfing in the 2020 Olympics on International Surfing Day and promote Huntington Beach as the potential Olympic surfing village for the 2024 Summer Games, for which Los Angeles is being considered.

This is the second time recently that Huntington Beach has entered the Guinness record book for a surfing feat. On June 21, 2015, 66 surfers broke the world record for most people to ride a longboard — a 42-foot-long, 11-foot-wide giant that itself set a record for largest surfboard.

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