Married Director Hong Sang Soo and Actress Kim Min Hee Declare Their Love for Each Other at Movie Press Conference

It’s hard to cover award winning director Hong Sang Soo and his new movie On the Beach Alone at Night starring award winning actress Kim Min Hee without being back splashed with their messy personal life romance. After holding hands all over the Berlin Film Festival last month where Kim Min Hee took home the coveted Best Actress Award, the pair attended the Seoul press conference for the movie and openly acknowledged that they were in love and dating. What would normally be a sweet story about a director and his actress muse finding love while filming a movie is instead arrayed over the reality that Hong Sang Soo is married, and will still be married for the foreseeable future as his wife is refusing to divorce him and still wants him back. What Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee does in their personal life should be judged apart from their cinematic achievements but it feels like they are taking their romance so public to apply pressure on Hong Sang Soo’s wife to agree to the divorce, at which point the tsk-tsk-ing K-netizens are having a field day while the less interested in titillating scandal folks just want these people to keep their personal lives away from their professional events – Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee should have kept repeating “no comment” to dating questions if you ask me.

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