Pikachu Event Starts In 30 Minutes!


Okay trainers, hopefully, you stocked up on Pokeballs. The Pikachu will officially launch in 30 minutes. Just like the Santa Pikachu, we will see an increased spawn of these festive Pikachu’s. The event is supposed to start at 1 PM PST, which is only 30 minutes away.

If you like to mark nests on the Silph Road. Keep in mind that Pikachu won’t currently have one specific nest. Basically, the whole world will be a Pikachu nest. The event is to honor The Pokemon Companies 21st-year anniversary.

The party hat Pikachu will spawn from today clear up until the 6th next month. When evolving, Raichu will keep it’s hat, and this event will be great for those who haven’t already completed their Pikachu achievement.

Be sure to save a few of these Pikachu’s as well. New trainers or maybe even returning trainers may won’t have a chance to catch this limited time only Pokemon. When trading comes out, they may be searching for someone who has one. They could even trade anything you want just so they can get it as well.

At the time of finishing this post the event will start in 25 minutes.

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