Senator Grace to Secretary Aguirre: You are not a ‘perya barker’

“This is a gentle reminder to the Justice Secretary: You are expected to administer justice fairly and not to moonlight as a perya barker who agitates the crowds,” Senator Grace Poe said in a statement as quoted by, adding that as justice secretary he is the “voice of reason.”

“That high office entails prudent decision-making which is not served by tasteless stunts that incite the mob,” the lawmaker said.

“So you can only imagine how many of your countrymen felt betrayed when you abandoned it for rabble-rousing,” she said. “I know that lawyers are given allowances for theatrics, but that night you clearly crossed the line, and in the process trample the ethics that guide you, by asking the people who to prosecute next, as if it were their choice.”

“To say that you have been carried away by the cheers is no excuse. A justice secretary should be made of sterner stuff, one who is never swayed by partisan provocation, because when he does, he betrays his oath and renders his very own self unfit for the job,” Poe added.

This is after Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, who appeared at the pro-Duterte rally in Quirino Grandstand February 25, asked the crowd who they wish to be the next person to be placed behind bars and prosecuted.

The crowd shouted “Trillianes”.

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