“This summer will be legendary” says Niantic’s Head of Marketing – Ang Kwan

Hey there, guys I hope you all are enjoying the adventure week, we will be doing more posts on the adventure week, so stay tuned for them. Well, there is this new info from Webby Awards 2017. Pokemon Go won the best Webby Award for best mobile game, so props to that ?

Well, I love that Maroon5 song, that starts with almost the same lyrics, I don’t think we have another David Hollin case, who said: “Save your Candies” as a piece of general advice for the casual player. Also, there are two more things that are to be emphasized on, he is the head of marketing for Niantic, and July marks the first anniversary for Pokemon Go.

Mr. Archit Bhargava, the head of Marketing division for Niantic, made the above comment when he was presented with the award. Well me this can be considered as the foreshadowing, that the first wave of legendary Pokemon will be made available to Pokemon Go in the summer.

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